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Laboratory Technician

in Oil & Gas


Houston, Texas

Job Description

COMPENSATION: To be negotiated

LENGTH: 2 year contract


Lab operations include instrument setup, calibration, troubleshooting, maintenance, as well as extensive sample prep (precision dilutions, digestions, fusions, microwave, ash, etc) and associated general lab responsibilities (materials ordering, waste handling, housekeeping, clerical, etc.)

Reporting of results include use of various computing programs such as Microsoft Excel and custom applications, including associated interaction with the customer.

Analyses require consistent application of standardized QA/QC/ISO protocols involving laboratory preparations and instrument operations, data recording, reagents and calibration standard validation, etc.

Assignment requires safe handling of pressurized equipment, high temperatures (muffle furnaces to 750C) reagents, and sample materials.

Required Skills


Minimum two year degree plus general laboratory experience required (does not have to be in chemistry).

Perform sample preparation and precision elemental analyses in conformance with established procedures for metals by ICP, ICP-MS, AA, XRF and physical properties testing, standard titration methods, and jet fuel testing methods.


Expiry Date

Friday, September 27, 2013

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